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In Memory 

In memory of the canines whom we humans have had the privilege and pleasure of sharing lives with at XCTC.



We at XCTC express our deepest condolences on the loss of Chasser.

The poem printed on the photo reads:

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden
Well maybe thats true
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you

In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill

I have a heart full of memories
Thats all I have left of you
Each one treasured fondly
Of the things we used to do

I have a beautiful angel
In heaven high above
A beautiful, beautiful angel
I was blessed to love.



July 24, 1998 ~ December 28, 2014

Robin’s Riden the Hwy to My Heart (Harley), PAX, UD, AX, AJX, MXP3, MJP5, RE, TDI
Harley had a great and long life.
He shared it with people who loved him.
Harley was rescued by Steven and I at 10 months old. He was a Therapy Dog, an Obedience Dog, an Agility Dog and a wonderful loving companion.
He showed us each and every day what a special dog he was.
Thank you to everyone for their support and kind words.

Machell & Steven Koss

Trea, owned by Cindy Sumner passed to the Rainbow Bridge at age 16.  Trea had a wonderful, full life.  We wish all of our dogs could live so long. 

Our deepest condolences to Cindy.

We at XCTC express our deepest condolences to Kathy on her loss of Jake.

It is with deep regret that Kathy has lost her Heart Dog, Jake.  Kathy and Jake were the team that never quit.  Kathy and Jake went down a long road in the utility ring.  They surfaced with not only a UD title, but a UDX title as well.  Jake was always a happy dog, sometimes too happy!  Kathy prevailed and earned the titles that Jake truly deserved.  We will miss our happy Brittany.  He was an awesome obedience dog and gift to Kathy.


We at XCTC express our deepest condolences to Jeff & Tish on their loss of Simon.


It has been a tough road for Jeff & Tish and they have lost their dog way too early.  For the last couple years, they have had quite a battle on their hands.   The decision is never an easy one when to stop and let our faithful friends go.  We all end up having to answer that question. Are we keeping them around for us or do they still have a good quality of life?  It is never a good time to lose a faithful companion.  All the hard work Tisha had put into Simon for his UD title will not be forgotten.  The titles aren’t important, they are just letters after a name.  It is the bonding that those letters gave you that made you closer that is important.  That is why we all do what we do.  Good bye sweet boy.



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