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Storm Foreman

Hi, my name is Storm and I presently have a German Shepherd dog, Blitz.  My older Shepherds Sere and Saxon passed on late in 2011 and early in 2012. It has been tough living without them. Blitz will be my focus now in training him for Utility. We used to live in Dallas quite a few years ago, and adopted a dog from the ASPCA.  It didn't take me long to find the local Animal Shelter that was just getting off the ground, and becoming very active in the everyday rescuing of stray dogs.  We didn't have a building, so many of us did the fostering.  That was when I first fell in love with Shepherds, and we've had them ever since.  When we moved to Pittsburgh, I started volunteering at Animal Friends, where I became their Volunteer Coordinator for 6 years, training the volunteers, as well as helping walk the shelter dogs, working on fund raisers, and fostering.

After leaving Animal Friends, I became more interested in obedience training; I started helping a friend teach her classes, and then started teaching classes myself.  That, of course, led me to competing in the Obedience ring with my own dogs; Sere earned her CDX title, Saxon earned his Utility title, and Blitz is still now competing for his Utility title.  I still get nervous in the ring, but I really enjoy the process of teaching the exercises to my dogs.  I also enjoy teaching other people to train their dogs - I think the part I really look forward to is when an owner sees the progress his or her dog is making, as well as the bond that is taking place between dog and owner.  It makes me feel good to know I've helped with that.  If more people were interested in working with their dogs, not necessarily to compete, but just to make them better family pets, then perhaps we'd have fewer dogs sitting in shelter cages.  That's something we can all work to accomplish.


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