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Machell Koss 

I’ll never forget my first class as most of us probably won’t.  Never did I think I’d still be training dogs 22 years later. 

I always had a competitive streak in me. I never competed in anything in high school.  Even though I have chosen a breed that some think are hard to train, I feel I have learned more than if I would have selected a breed that are known to be easier.  I choose the breed of dog that I like to live with and have learned to love.  I appreciate their personalities; not just the breed that is going to get me the high score.   

You learn to be a better trainer when you make mistakes.  Teaching a sensitive breed makes you even better.  I’ve never had a problem training my Dalmatians.  They have always given me joy and most of all make me laugh.  They have a great sense of humor.  What I like most about them are their sensitivity and affectionate personalities.   

I recently have acquired a new breed which was quite a change for me.  I always loved Dobermans.  They have beauty and a regal quality about them.   I am proud to say Starr has achieved her Utility Dog (UD) obedience title. 

I have had a great journey with my dogs.  From starting out with wearing gloves in my first obedience class, to earning High in Trial at the 1997 Dalmatian Nationals.   Going from obedience to learning agility, which was horribly difficult for me.  Also, not being an outdoor person at first to earning a tracking dog title on two dogs and training two dogs for tracking dog excellent titles.  I’m proud of my accomplishments earning numerous obedience, agility, rally and tracking titles on my Dalmatians and now my Doberman.  Now it is time to give something back.  Click on the links below to see my dogs.



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