Deb Cecotti

Professional Dog Trainer

Skill: Clicker Training, Shaping Behaviors, and High Level Knowledge of Dog Behavior, AKC Rally Judge

I have been involved with dog training for over 30 years. My first endeavor was to start a dog training facility in the South Hills area. I was very proud of what I accomplished at that facility a long time ago. Life has its way of moving us on to bigger and better things. So, I proceeded to move out on my own and do some private lessons and training.

I then got involved with Xcel Canine Training, Inc. and have found a home. It is a pleasure to work with such a fun bunch of ladies. We all help each other and this has become quite a rewarding experience.

I have a Border Collie named Andy. Andy is a hoot and has had some trials and tribulations. He has taught me more than any dog I have owned. Andy has a sweet and loving attitude and has conquered his fear issues and now being in the ring is his favorite thing. He is my soul mate.

My new dog is Maple Grove’s “Hey Boo”. Yep, I’m a “To Kill a Mockingbird Fan” He is an English Shepherd and a delight to be around. He will be a multipurpose dog and will spend his time as a demo dog when I teach, as my new competition dog and will learn service dog behaviors. He is a bright little boy and will fit right in where ever I ask him to go.

I am also an AKC Rally Judge. Being a Judge can be very gratifying. The experiences of meeting new people and helping them enjoy the experience helps me enjoy every minute. Check me out on Facebook under Deb Cecotti.