Machell Koss

Owner/Xcel Canine Training, Inc. Professional Dog Trainer

Skills:  Teaching beginner dogs the Sport of Agility 

I started dog training in 1993.  In that time, I have achieved AKC Utility Titles, Open Titles, Master Agility Titles, Preferred Agility Excellent and Preferred Agility Championships and a Grand Championship in Conformation.  I have also acquired a few Tracking Dog Titles along the way. At one point, my Dalmatians have been in the Top 10 obedience Dalmatians for 10 years. In 1997, my Dalmatian won High Scoring Obedience Dalmatian at the Dalmatian National.

Presently, I am starting to teach Dock Diving to my Doberman and participate in Lure Coursing (Coursing Ability Test).  We have participated in Barn Hunt, the beginning of scent work and our big goal is to get our TD (Tracking Dog title) right now.  We will be starting to show in Agility shortly and may dabble in Obedience and Rally.

Xcel has been serving the Bethel Park Community for 13 years.  We are proud to be one of the top dog schools in the South Hills Area.  Deb Regan and I are very proud of the Xcel staff.  They give their all to helping people accomplish their goals.