Storm Foreman

Professional Dog Trainer

Skill Level: Multiple AKC Utility Dog and Companion Dog Excellent Titles

Teaches Puppy and Basic Obedience Classes

My name is Storm Foreman and this is a picture of my German Shepherd, Ace.  He is, and probably always will be, a work in progress for me, but that is the challenge of owning a dog.

The first dogs I owned were rescue dogs, and when I fostered my first litter of German Shepherds, I was hooked on the breed.  I spent quite a few years competing in Obedience with my dogs, as well as training at Xcel, but have given up the competing for right now. 

The part of training at Xcel that I treasure the most is seeing the progress, made by both handler and dog, as well as the bond that they form.  I am also gratified when someone comes in with a rescue that they want to keep, but may be having problems handling, and we can help guide them along the difficult path.  If we can keep a dog out of a shelter, then it’s a success story for us.